How To Make Pasta Bowls Like an Expert

How To Make Pasta Bowls Like an Expert

How To Make Pasta Bowls Like an Expert

Pasta bowls are the super bowl of pasta. They’re a fun, casual way to showcase your favourite recipes in one big bowl. They’re also easy enough to make that anyone can do it! Pasta bowls are basically like big, delicious salads for your hands.

To Make the Dough

Make the dough using a stand mixer or food processor. Food processors may take more time, but some say they’re more effective at mixing the dough.

Knead the dough by hand for about 15 minutes to activate all those gluten molecules that will help the pasta hold its shape once cooked.

Set aside to rest for 30 minutes or so before rolling it out into thin sheets for cutting circles to fill with sauce later. Some recipes call for letting it sit overnight in an oiled bowl, but others don’t mention this step at all so don’t worry if you forget!

Roll out each sheet of dough until it is as thin as possible without breaking (it should be translucent). Cut into squares and then make circular disks by placing your cutter on top of a square and pressing down firmly with both hands while rotating slightly until you hear a click—this means you’ve cut through both layers of pasta bowls at once!

To Make the Filling on Pasta Bowls

When making pasta bowls, it’s important to use a good-quality sauce. If you’re using a store-bought sauce, look for one that has less sugar and sodium than others. Here are some examples of brands that I like.

If you’re making your own sauce from scratch, try adding some meat, I recommend chicken or Italian sausage to the mix. If you have leftover veggies from another meal, feel free to add those as well! You can even throw in some extra spices if you want; just make sure not too much goes into it so that it doesn’t overpower the other ingredients.

When cooking vegetables for pasta bowls (or any other dish), there’s one cardinal rule: Don’t overcook them! Overcooked vegetables will release their water content and become mushy instead of maintaining their crispness and flavour. You should aim for al dente when cooking your veggies, so they retain their texture after being cooked through

To Assemble

Pasta bowls are easy to make, but there are a few things you should know before you get started. For example:

Use a colander to drain the pasta and then return it to the pot. This will ensure that your shells stay moist while they bake in the oven.

Make sure you use enough sauce! It’s what makes everything taste good, so don’t skimp on it or you’ll regret it later down the road when your mouth is watering for more flavour.

You can mix your sauce and pasta together in one big bowl if that’s easier for you (or if that’s all you have). But, if possible, try finding container with high sides so that when it comes time to pour those hot noodles into their shells they won’t spill everywhere!

To finish the pasta bowls, add a drizzle of olive oil to each bowl and top with fresh herbs. You can also serve it with a salad or a side of vegetables if you want to make this ahead of time for leftovers.

For an extra-special touch, try finishing your bowl with some Parmesan cheese! Just sprinkle on top before serving, it’s so easy!


Now that you know how to make pasta bowls, you can have fun customizing them with the fillings of your choice. There are so many options! I hope this guide has helped you find a way to experiment with new flavours and create something delicious.